Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Service Questions

Why did I receive advertising?

We are excited to announce that we are bringing fiber optic internet to your area. We are currently only targeting specific neighborhoods and roads. USPS Mass Mailers and other advertising methods target areas outside our initial planned service area and we do not wish to provide false hope to those outside our target service areas.

Why do you need my information?

By providing your information we will be able to better create and plan our infrastructure maps in preparation for Right-of-Way access.

Do I need to pay before construction begins?

No. We will ask for you to sign a contract prior to construction so we will know what locations to get online before we take our equipment out of the area. No payments will need to be made until you are connected.

How long do I have to qualify for the pre-construction discount?

If our digging equipment is still in the area, you are still eligible for the pre-construction discount.

How much of a mess/sight are you going to make?

We intend to use trenchless boring equipment for a majority of the construction along the Right-of-Way. Our access locations along the road may consist of small green pedestals similar to what are already present or small in-ground vaults. The cable that enters your home will be installed using a small trencher that may leave a small gash in your yard temporarily. Our crews will do their best to return your yard to its original condition.

What are all these flags/paint along the road or in my yard?

Utility locators will come out ahead of construction and mark existing utilities so that our crews know where they are and to avoid them as we construct our network. Likewise, prior to installing your connection, we will ask them to come and mark the utilities in your yard so we may avoid them when we get you connected. We ask that if you have septic or irrigation lines between your home and the road to please mark those prior to installation so that we may avoid those as well.

What is your timeline?

We aim to have this first phase of construction and installs complete by the end of 2021.

What about my neighbors the next street over, can they fill out the form?

Absolutely, we encourage you to spread the word by mouth or social networking so we can plan our next phase. We only ask that everyone understands that our physical advertising/flyers will only be handed out specifically to properties we plan to build into.